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Residential or Commercial

New Driveways

Looking to have a new driveway installed?  We will grade and install any gravel needed to acieive proper grade.  Gravel will be compacted with our compaction roller.  Driveway is then laid out per the sketch on your proposal.  The asphalt is then laid in two layers, 1.5" base course and then a 1.5" top course.  Both layers are rolled to achieve proper compaction.  With proper maintanace, your driveway will last for many years of use and enjoyment!


Already have an existing asphalt driveway or parking lot that needs attention?  You have two choices, an overlay or a tear out.

An overlay consists of putting another layer of asphalt over the old.  Generally this layer ranges from 1.25"-1.75".  The existing asphalt would be cleaned and then a bonding agent would be applied to bond the new asphalt to the old.

While the price of an overlay may look more appealing than tearing out the old asphalt and putting in a complete new driveway or parking lot, there are some downfalls with an overlay.    If you have large cracks in the asphalt, they can reflect through to the new asphalt in as little as 6 months to a year.  If you have existing water issues like puddles or ponding of water, we will do our best efforts to eliminate them, but we may not be able to work all the water off.

Remove and Replace, also known as a tear out.

This is the best option, yet is the most costly and complex.  If you are looking for a long term asphalt job, this is the option to go with.  The existing asphalt is removed and the sub grade is inspected for any issues.  If we find any problems with it, we will discuss your options, remember, your driveway is only as strong as the sub grade!  Gravel will be installed if needed.  It is then graded and compacted with our compaction roller then the driveway is laid out per your proposal.  We will then put in 3" of new asphalt in two layers, the first layer is 1.5" base course.  The second layer is also 1.5" which is the top wearing course.  This is a smother surface and has smaller stone than the base course which will allow for a more attractive finish.  This option will generally last twice as long as an overlay with proper maintanance and upkeep

Seal Coating and Crack Filling

Seal coating of your asphalt should be part of your routine maintenance.  Not only does it beautify your asphalt, it also protects it from the elements.  It will help prevent oxidation, the drying effects of the sun.  It will also protect against the destructive softening effects of gasoline, oil and deicers.

The sealer will also help protect the asphalt from the accumulation of moisture in the pavement, which is the greatest cause of pavement damage.  Sealing your driveway or parking lot prevents water seepage into the porous asphalt, stopping the water damage.

Sealing your driveway or parking lot will also enhance the beauty  and value of your property.  The deep black color is restored making your driveway look new.  The sealer will generally last from 1-3 years depending on weather, location and traffic.

Crack filling should also be part of your preventative maintenance of your asphalt.  We will fill the larger cracks with a hot fired rubber.  The crack will be filled to help seal out moisture.  The crack filling is both important and functional.

We use a commercial grade sealer that is not available in stores and is hand applied with squeegees so a much greater thickness of sealer is applied and will fill any porous areas.  Asphalt is a petroleum product that we all know has tripled in cost in the last several years.  For just pennies on the dollar, sealing and crack filling your driveway or parking lot will protect your investment, extend the life of your asphalt, restore that new like look at minimal cost, and will help prevent costly repairs.  Give us a call for your free estimate!